Unboxing Web-Oriented Architecture: The 6 Aspects Of An Emergent Architectural Style

Diesen Kommentar habe ich auf Dion Hinchcliffes letzten Artikel geschrieben.

That pretty much sums it up. The platform being built, allows us, the users and the enterprises to finally own that services, instead of being only a member to them. That indicates what’s happening around us at the moment, with that technology given, having meta-accounts, we can subsumize our memberships into one meta-application and finally own them. I vision this meta-application as a dashboard which collects all the memberships (example: google wave), which may eventually may be only a part of bigger system, a (web) OS which connects to all those services.Throw in visualization (edit:) virtualisation and/aka PaaS, voilà you have a Web OS to which we may connect through small clients eventually. We’ll have our computing done elsewhere – in the cloud – and may pay, like in former days, the processing time.

Unboxing Web-Oriented Architecture: The 6 Aspects Of An Emergent Architectural Style


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